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Names: Female Given Names

Women of various ages

Popular Female Given Names in Spain

Rank Name Meaning
1 Maria star of the sea
2 Ana grace, favor
3 Carmen garden, vineyard
4 Isabel pledged to God
5 Rosa rose
6 Laura laurel tree
7 Josefa "God increases"
8 Ana-Maria grace, favor + star of the sea
9 Cristina follower of Christ
10 Marta lady of the house
11 Maria-Pilar Mary of the Pillar (title for the Virgin Mary)
12 Francisca from France; free one
13 Antonia praiseworthy
14 Lucia light
15 Dolores sorrowful
16 Maria-Isabel star of the sea + pledged to God
17 Maria-Jose star of the sea + "God increases"
18 Elena shining light
19 Sara princess
20 Paula small, humble
21 Pilar pillar
22 Raquel ewe
23 Eva life
24 Juana "God is gracious"
25 Maria-Luisa star of the sea + famous warrior
26 Mercedes mercies
27 Concepcion conception
28 Manuela "God is with us"
29 Teresa late summer
30 Beatriz bringer of joy
31 Maria-Jesus star of the sea + to deliver, to rescue
32 Nuria luminous, bright
33 Alba dawn
34 Julia youthful
35 Silvia woods, forest
36 Rosario rosary
37 Irene peace
38 Andrea manly
39 Sandra man's defender
40 Patricia noble
41 Encarnacion incarnation, to make flesh
42 Sonia wisdom
43 Monica advisor
44 Montserrat jagged mountain
45 Rocio dew
46 Angela messenger of God
47 Susana lily
48 Marina of the sea
49 Alicia noble
50 Yolanda violet