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Names: Female Given Names

Men of various ages

Popular Male Given Names in Spain

Rank Name Meaning
1 Jose "God increases"
2 Juan "God is gracious"
3 Francisco French man; free man
4 Antonio praiseworthy
5 Manuel "God is with us"
6 Miguel "Who is like God?"
7 David beloved
8 Luis famous warrior
9 Carlos free man
10 Jesus to deliver, to rescue
11 Javier new house
12 Pedro rock
13 Daniel "God is my judge"
14 Jose-Antonio "God increases" + praiseworthy
15 Angel messenger of God
16 Alejandro defender of man
17 Jose-Luis "God increases" + famous warrior
18 Francisco-Javier French man; free man + new house
19 Rafael "God has healed"
20 Pablo humble, small
21 Jorge farmer
22 Fernando adventurous, bold journey
23 Jose-Manuel "God increases" + "God is with us"
24 Miguel-Angel "Who is like God?" + messenger of God
25 Alberto noble, bright
26 Sergio servant
27 Jose-Maria "God increases" + star of the sea
28 Diego supplanter
29 Victor conqueror
30 Alvaro guardian
31 Adrian from Adria (the Adriatic)
32 Juan-Carlos "God is gracious" + free man
33 Enrique ruler of the home
34 Juan-Jose "God is gracious" + "God increases"
35 Raul wolf counsel
36 Vicente to conquer
37 Ivan "God is gracious"
38 Ramon wise protector
39 Ruben "Behold, a son"
40 Oscar spear of the gods
41 Andres manly
42 Eduardo wealthy guardian
43 Santiago Saint James
44 Joaquin raised by God
45 Roberto bright fame
46 Mario dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
47 Ignacio fiery one
48 Jaime supplanter
49 Marcos dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
50 Jordi down-flowing